Conference "Scientia Unescamus" will be held on March 23-25, 2018.

Registration is open until March 1, 2018

Scientific Practical Conference SCIENTIA UNESCAMUS is a comprehensive programme to support talented students and youth, a form of interaction of educational establishments, students, teachers and scientists from Russia and foreign countries.

The Conference is an inclusive event because it provides participation to the children with disabilities and special needs.

The main targets of the Conference are to reveal and support talented students and youth and to draw attention to the development of intellectual potential of society.

Every year the Conference is attended by teachers, students, scientists and experts from Romania, Spain, the Netherlands, Abkhazia, China, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Great Britain, USA and other countries. Since 2012, in the activities of the Conference attended by more than 3 000 teachers, pupils, students, teachers and scientists. One of the main objectives of the Conference is to create a joint international projects, cooperation and collaboration between teachers and students from different countries.

Preparation and holding of the Conference is performed by Moscow State Budgetary Educational Institution High School 1517 with the direct support of the Moscow Department for Education, as well as the sponsorship of companies Microsoft, Dell, CROC and many leading universities of Moscow.

During the Conference three main events are organized:

  1. Contest of Scientific Research and Project Works SCIENTIA UNESCAMUS

  2. Robotics Competition

  3. Cinema Festival of Childrens Short Film GymCinFes-1517

  4. Creative workshops, master classes and seminars for educators

Creative inspiration and new ideas for the participants of the Conference!

Creative space is waiting for you!

Director of the Conference, PhD
Elena Davydova-Martynova,

People come to the cinema, to share the same dream
Bernardo Bertolucci

Everyone may have a dream of their own and in many cases not one.  But we believe that we will not be mistaken if we assume that all people share the same dream of  a "home". Having read numerous statements of famous and not so famous people on this topic and compared them with the ideas that our regular participants could be inspired by, we have made our decision. So, "Home» is the theme of the festival  in 2017.

What is the "Home" of your dreams?  Do you imagine a building with a roof? Is it a place to hide from severe  weather  or something more important?  Do only people need homes? Can the walls you are surrounded by   be considered  a "home"?

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the VI International Film Festival "Gimkinfest-1517", which will be held March 25, 2017. As usual, on the second day of the International scientific-practical conference «SCIENTIA UNESCAMUS» the assembly halls  of our high school are transformed into cinemas, and all the participants and guests enjoy watching  interesting  films.

We look forward  to seeing  your works. We hope that they will be different and unpredictable, like  the characters in the film of G. Sukachev "House of the Sun" .They say in one of the dialogues "Do not you understand that  a shell  is the home to  the sea. "

Official bodies of the festival

GBOU Gymnasium 1517, Moscow, Russia:

Jana  Matanenkova  Project Manager,
Julia Telnaya  Project curator


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